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We are back to a full operating schedule in March. It was great to see you attending as many classes as possible throughout the months of January and February. We appreciate your understanding and attendance. We hope the March schedule offers the classes you love and also a new class to try? This month we are offering The Hat Trick which is an interval style class of 3mins cardio, 2 mins strength, and 1 min of core so we are targeting a full range of everything in one class. TRX Flexmobility is also back if you are hoping to increase core strength and lengthen the body.

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The weather is telling us it's time to prepare for the fall/winter season. As tough as that sounds with such an amazing summer we've had, Rogue is also gearing up to fall back into the swing of things. Please see the new schedule for September to December and remember to sign up for the classes you wish to attend. You can do that by emailing or phoning your requests in. Beach season is ending but let's get ski/winter season ready!

We do have a couple of classes that have name changes so see below for the descriptions:

Full Throttle - an amped up version of Urban Body utilizing the BOSU, ViPR, and TRX

W.I.M. JustDance - Do you love Zumba? Or just like to dance? This is our version of the popular dance workout!

POX - Partner(Power) Overload Extreme - this is a pumped up version of T-Reps, loading up a bit more so you're building muscle (you need this to burn fat) and working with each other so you have a chance to recover and spot each other. Don't worry if you don't have a partner, we'll partner up with you!

KBC - Kettlebells, Bender Ball, Cardio - A great mix of strength and weights to give you that total body workout using some of the most effective fitness tools in the industry.

YogaMed - this is a unique form of yoga which bridges you to a stronger body for better function. We have new sessions starting so click here for details and register by contacting Marthe at 780-231-6230. This session is a registration only. Please click here to download information flyer about YogaMed


We are a small (co-ed) fitness studio which offers the latest fitness trends in small groups but set in a personal training environment so your experience is more intimate and personal. The trainers are few so we're like a family working for you helping you reach your goals. We have the opportunity to get to know you and you won't get lost in the crowds.

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Please park on the street or across the street at the hotel as there are only 2 spots in front of the door.