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Download modified schedule for July 16 - 31


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Remember to sign up for your classes! We only take 10 - 12 per class and we don't want you to miss out. Call or email to let us know which classes to sign you up for.

We're all excited to get outside and enjoy the weather but don't forget to keep some cross training in there. A little bit of this and little bit of that will make your whole health and fitness regime well rounded. So come try these "new" styles and keep moving!

We are heading into spring/summer and our schedule is still packed with classes for you. We've changed a few names:

Full Throttle - an amped version of Urban Body utilizing the BOSU, ViPR, and TRX a bit more regularly.

Throttle Up - the upper body version Throttle Down - the lower body version.

W.I.M. JustDance - it's Zumba with a different name allowing us to use more music styles but the class is the same, fun dance class.

POX - Partner(Power) Overload Extreme - this is a pumped up version of T-Reps, loading up a bit more so you're building muscle (you need this to burn fat!!) and working in pairs so you have a chance to recover while you spot one another. Don't worry if you don't have a partner, we'll partner you up or with you.

YogaMed - this is a unique form of yoga which bridges you to a stronger body for better function. We have new sessions starting so click here for details and register by contacting Marthe at 780-231-6230. This session is a registration only. Please click here to download information flyer about YogaMed


We are a small (co-ed) fitness studio which offers the latest fitness trends in small groups but set in a personal training environment so your experience is more intimate and personal. The trainers are few so we're like a family working for you helping you reach your goals. We have the opportunity to get to know you and you won't get lost in the crowds.

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Please park on the street or across the street at the hotel as there are only 2 spots in front of the door.